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Almost from the beginning, parents can’t wait for their child to start to crawl and move about. It is looked at as a threshold of childhood. And, very often, once their baby enters into this stage, parents realize how easy things were in the beginning. This leads to the exploration that has prompted the baby safety movement and now offers parents a plethora of child proofing products for even the most curious toddler!

The most basic child proofing tip you should implement is to approach your home from your child’s point of view. This means getting down on your hands and knees to experience what they see and to make alterations from there!

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Learning Everything You Can About Child Safety To Successfully Child Proof Your Home

At first child safety and worrying appear as if they are ruining your chance of ever relaxing again; but in time you will find out that taking preventative measures whenever and wherever possible are definitely worth it. As for the worrying, parents will continue to worry for the rest of their life. No safety product or gadget has been invented to help us with that. But taking useful steps around the home and learning everything you can about Childproofing will help you to rest assured that you have done all you can to protect your child.

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Here are Some Simple Childproofing Tips Every Parent Needs to Know!

Let’s try to make this as easy as possible. If we are overwhelmed with information we tend to skirt the real issues and procrastinate. Here is a short list of hints that will have you thinking like an expert in not time:

  1. Get educated! Talk with other parents, learn what kids are really capable of, talk to the pediatrician and allow other parents and websites to offer great advice!
  2. You are the parent! Many will know more than you about child proofing, but in the end you know what is best for your child. Never overlook even a fleeting thought about something that you think could be dangerous. Trust yourself and your instincts.
  3. None of us want to see our children injured. But bumps, bruises, scrapes and cuts are all part of growing up. Very few 5 year olds DON’T have skinned up knees. These accidents are learning experiences for you and your child and no matter how safe you make your child’s environment, there will be minor injuries!
  4. Once you have baby proofed your own home; double-check for yourself! Do it often! This means making a routine of checking the home from the bird eye view of your child once or twice a month to see if anything new needs tending to.
  5. CPR should be known by every adult in your home as well as any adult who cares for your child. Certification does not take long and the life you save could be that of someone you love very much!


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